Why do I need amino acids?

Depleting your body's natural amino acid supply can happen for a variety of reasons including exercise, aging, addictive behaviors, stress, medications, infections, vitamin deficiency, or a lack of varied protein. Common symptoms range from moodiness to fatigue. 

Which symptoms benefit from amino acids?

An amino acid deficiency can lead to a wide variety of symptoms. Common symptoms that can be improved with supplementation include: moodiness, depression, anxiety, panic, fibromyalgia, chronic physical/emotional pain, recovery from addiction, soft tissue injury.

How can Total Amino Solution help me?

Taking a single amino acid can improve a single symptom but that one symptom stresses an entire system -- your body. Total repair of your body may require a "total" blend of all the amino acids to refuel your body's natural repair system. 


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Amino acids are one of the first organic molecules to appear on Earth. What are they made of and how have they evolved?

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Unusual find reveals richness and flexibility of the genetic code

In 2002, sixteen years after the discovery of the 21st amino acid encoded by DNA, scientists have found another of these basic protein building-blocks encoded in the genes of methane-manufacturing bacteria found in the stomach of cows. The discovery suggests that the genetic code may be more flexible than researchers previously believe

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