Why do I need amino acids?

Depleting your body's natural amino acid supply can happen for a variety of reasons including exercise, aging, addictive behaviors, stress, medications, infections, vitamin deficiency, or a lack of varied protein. Common symptoms range from moodiness to fatigue. 

Which symptoms benefit from amino acids?

An amino acid deficiency can lead to a wide variety of symptoms. Common symptoms that can be improved with supplementation include: moodiness, depression, anxiety, panic, fibromyalgia, chronic physical/emotional pain, recovery from addiction, soft tissue injury.

How can Total Amino Solution help me?

Taking a single amino acid can improve a single symptom but that one symptom stresses an entire system -- your body. Total repair of your body may require a "total" blend of all the amino acids to refuel your body's natural repair system. 


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Rhodiola rosea, referred to as the Arctic or Golden root, has been used by a variety of ancestral cultures for millennia to support energy and vitality. It grows at high altitudes, on mountain tops and sea cliffs in Europe and Asia and is classified as an adaptagen – a substance that supports the body during times of stress. 

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Athletes who supplement with recovery nutrients, such as amino acids, B vitamins and citrulline malate, are better able to rebuild muscles, repair tissues and prepare for the next challenge.

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