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Dr. Dan

Dr. Daniel Smith, D.C., is a former advisory member for the International Organic Inspectors Association, a member of the California Chiropractic Association, author of Recharge Your Body & Mind with Amazing Amino Acids, and founder of Genesa, Inc, which specializes in amino acid supplementation.

Career Highlights

  • ​Established chiropractic office in San Rafael in 2014
  • Practiced in Truckee, CA for 4 years
  • Practiced in Alamo, CA for 25 years
  • Treated professional athletes in baseball, football and basketball
  • Graduated Logan Chiropractic College, St. Louis, MO
  • Studied Traditional Finnish Sports Massage in Finland
  • Trained in Myofascial Trigger Point Release Therapy and Rapid Release Therapy
  • Produced a film on healthy eating and organic food in the school systems, Through the Lunchroom Door
  • Wrote Recharge Your Body & Mind with Amazing Amino Acids
  • Lectured at New York Academy of Medicine on the Role of Amino Acids in Physical and Mental Health
  • Founded Genesa Inc and created Total Amino Solution™, available worldwide, and in many Whole Foods Markets