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Amino Acids and Probiotics Equal Good Digestion
HB_article_for_lit_use_PROBIOTICS.pdf 486.89K
Just how important is proper gastrointestinal functions for your overall health? Find this out and learn more about GI tract health and natural strategies for improved digestion.
A Mental Health Myth
HB_article_for_lit_use_MENTAL_HEALTH.pdf 511.68K
A conversation exploring the incorrect stigma surrounding mental health and the chemical importance of amino acids for mood balance.
A Natural Energy Boost
HB_article_for_lit_use_ENERGY_BOOST.pdf 237.54K
Learn to avoid the common mistakes we make attempting to alleviate energy imbalance and which simple lifestyle changes will boost your natural energy supply.
Chronic Pain
HB_article_for_lit_use_CHRONIC_PAIN.pdf 237.91K
Find out why our bodies' natural capacity to heal is sometimes slowed or halted and how a metabolic tune-up can re-energize your healing potential.