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For Practitioners


Total Amino Solution data sheet
TAS_Sell_Sheet_update.pdf 680.12K
This document provides the list of ingredients, usages and benefits of Total Amino Solution for your patients.
Why do I need Total Amino Solution?
Why_do_I_need_Total_Amino_Solution.pdf 577.90K
Do your patients need to supplement with amino acids? Which common symptoms benefit from the use of amino acids? How can Total Amino Solution help? Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions here!
Clean Sport SUPPORT product data sheet
Clean_Sport_SUPPORT_product_data_sheet.pdf 406.79K
Helpful information, dosaging, benefits and ingredient list for Genesa's newest product, Clean Sport SUPPORT.
Scent of Total Amino Solution guide
Scent_of_Total_Amino_Solution_postcard.pdf 65.31K
This guide/flyer can be printed, cut into postcard-size handouts, and kept available for customers who have inquiries about the scent of Total Amino Solution (especially during the summer months when the scent may become pronounced).